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UPDATE: the Female YouTube shooter

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly  UPDATE, April 4, 2018

I don't look like Eddie M. or Freddie M.
It seems everyone wants to be famous now. As the original TV "Wonder Woman" (Latin American superstar Lynda Carter) was finally getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, two other women were up in arms.
Little reported yesterday was the story of a female shooter who murdered a family man in Los Angeles. The reason is unknown, and the suspect escaped by car with many witnesses, who were kept against their will by police and interrogated. It all happened in front of a laundromat. Police have suggested that the man had "gang ties," so we surmise the female was sent to shoot him. In any case, he is dead, the kids have no father, the female killer is on the loose, and all of our attention is on San Bruno, California, south of SFO (San Francisco International Airport).

There a woman, Nas, 38 (a day short of her 39th birthday), disappeared from San Diego, where she lived supporting herself via YouTube's revenue sharing program. YouTube got what she thought it deserved for cheating her of money and fame with the corporation's new algorithm that tries to silence some voices while exalting others, to deprive some partners while enriching the preferred ones.

I'm jaded, negative Lauren Sivan reporting...
For instance, Nas has a very tame workout video (see it and others on KABC journalist's Lauren Sivan's twitter feed). It was flagged as being inappropriate for younger viewers when it is much tamer than Nicki Minaj's videos, which though inappropriate for children get hundreds of millions of views with no age restrictions. Who is trying to filter and censor Nas? Probably not the people she shot and shot at, but the company has been struck at its heart.

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How did she get in? She drove up and went to an outdoor area where employs congregate. She began shooting. Then an older employee on an electric skateboard, responding to an evacuation notice "fire alarm drill," rode over and saw one man shot and another man, presumably also an employee, yelling, "Come at me, come on shoot me!" Nas was behind a pole, and the employee on the skateboard turned around, raced away, and warned other employees evacuating the building for the "fire drill" that there was an "active shooter!" turn around. They did, potentially saving many lives.

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When the mother was asked for comment, she said Nas was a very kind person, citing her veganism and animal rights (anti-vivisection) activism in a lame attempt to refute her gun ownership, her anger issues, and the fact that she went to a gun range earlier to practice her aim.

That is a long spell of anger to drive up from San Diego, sleep in her car, be found and interviewed by police, who then called the family and told them not to worry because their 38-year-old daughter had been found in fine condition.

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The tight-knit family asserts that it warned police that Nas was mad at YouTube and should be watched. The police shrugged it off but miraculously claim they made it to YouTube HQ in two minutes, almost as if they had advance warning of a mass shooter somewhere in the area.

We ignore LA but focus on SF, where no one but the shooter died, which would be a story except it was by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Perhaps her heart hurt from what she perceived had been done to her and, worse, what she had done in response. The baby went out with the bathwater, and she took a permanent solution to a temporary problem, very sad. It's a Sick Sad World just like Daria always suspected it was.

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