Sunday, April 1, 2018

Going to church for Easter (cartoon)

Seth MacFarlane (American Dad!/FOX TV); Sheldon S., Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

I pick and choose what I believe in the Bible
Roger, who was saved from Area 51, joins the fun as the family visits church on the holiest day of the Christian calendar, which is arguably either Easter of the pagan holiday resurrection or Xmas, the day of the birth of the star that in Astrotheology signifies the "lord" of various religions (Mithras, Horus, Zeus, Jesus, anyone). 

Most American "Christians" are nominal and denominational, by name only but dedicated to the sect they were born into.

Here CIA Agent Stan Smith and his wife and family make it to mass at the local Episcopalian outlet for a service as important as Easter.

Then the damn "Rapture" (which is not found in the Bible) happens, signalling the End of Days in this very special holiday edition of American Dad! called "Rapture's Delight."

When Stan blames his wife for not getting into heaven, she ends their relationship. She then befriends a man, whom she later finds out to be Jesus Christ. She becomes his bride, leaving Stan behind on the deteriorating earth for armageddon.

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