Friday, November 30, 2018

Ajahn Chah: The Key to Liberation (audio)

Ajahn Chah ( via 1983dukkha; Ellie A., Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Ajahn Chah, although Thai, had the remarkable supernatural power of instruction.

That is to say, of all the supernatural powers the Buddha knew -- and he knew many siddhis, psychic powers and working of wonders -- he regarded the "power of instruction" as supreme. He regularly practiced it, while avoiding as much as possible the working of other miracles, marvels, and mind-bending violations of our physics.
Ajahn Chah was a Thai Theravada Buddhist monk of the forest tradition who had the remarkable capacity to effectively teach Westerners who came to Northeast Thailand in search of wisdom and liberation, enlightenment (bodhi, "awakening") and nirvana.

In this translated talk, delivered by a Western Buddhist monk of British origin and brought to us by YouTuber 1983dukkha, remembered by another student of Ajahn Chah, we come to the key, the essence, the most important thing to gaining liberation and freedom from all suffering.

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