Monday, November 26, 2018

North Sentinel Island: Uncontacted (video)

GeoBrother on North Sentinel Island; Seth Auberon, Crystal Q. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Sentinelese: World's Most Isolated Tribe
The "Sentinelese" are the world's most isolated tribe. They are uncontacted humans living on North Sentinel Island, India, one of the Andaman islands in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.

Get out: American missionary killed by tribe
They vigorously reject all contact with outsiders. The Indian government altogether abandoned their plans to establish contact with the Sentinelese. Many believe that it is vital to respect their wish to remain uncontacted. Contact with them would endanger them because they have no immunity to common diseases. It is vital to leave them be. If not, the entire tribe might be wiped out. Contact imposed on other tribes on the Andaman islands has had a devastating impact.

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