Monday, November 26, 2018

FEMEN: topless protesters for women's rights

Women and male allies (; Daily Caller (video); Wisdom Quarterly

Topless protesters block Trump
(TheDC Shorts) Topless FEMEN protesters blocked Pres. Trump while he was in Paris for the 100th anniversary of WWI armistice. Protesting in the nude has become trendy for activists.

With seven branches, more than 150,000 followers, dozens of actions, conferences, hundreds of media reports over the last year, FEMEN is here and will continue to be here in spite of the personal issues of any former members.
7 отделений в мире, десятки акций и конференций, 150 тыс симпатизирующих и сотни медиа заголовков в 2016. ФЕМЕН существует и ФЕМЕН будет существовать вопреки проблемам его экс-членов. More

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