Saturday, November 17, 2018

"Another Migrant Caravan" (cartoon)

Xochitl, Dhr. Seven, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; Marty Two Bulls (facebook/
"Oh great...another migrant caravan!" (Marty Two Bulls,
"Turn in your arms. The government will take care of you." And we all see how that went.
If gov't says you don't need a gun...
Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Central Americans coming up through the southern border of the U.S. What right do they have to come here? International law and binding agreements provide them the RIGHT to seek asylum. Because they would qualify and thus become the responsibility of the USA, the current government has to do all it can to act like many nationalist and racist countries in Europe we criticize. It has to head them off or brutally separate them from their children or detain them and their children until they can be dissuaded or tricked into going back and facing death by corrupt police under governments the USA corrupted, ruined, and aided and abetted for the enrichment of US corporations and US interests. So it is no surprise they are coming, and it is no surprise good people are helping them come. Change US policies abroad to stop meddling and interfering in other American countries as the CIA has for so long done.

Slow genocide: Native Americans massacred at Wounded Knee, 1891 (Library of Congress)
Balding Pres. Donny Trump: win or lose, he claims to be winning (Marty Two Bulls)

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