Monday, November 5, 2018

Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers closing

Noah Levine, Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers (; Wisdom Quarterly

With a heavy heart [Noah Levine is] announcing the closure of Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers.

[He has] a deep appreciation for the 562 people [his for-profit company] have helped and those who continue to participate in Refuge Recovery [peer-led] meetings.

[It] will continue to serve the community with regular meetings and meditations at 2516 Lincoln Blvd. See schedule below.

Everything is impermanent. Every physical and mental experience arises and passes [away]. Everything in existence is endlessly arising out of causes and conditions.
- Noah Levine

Weekly Schedule
2516 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA
7:30 pm Meditation & Dharma Talk w/ Noah Levine

6:00 pm Refuge Recovery Yoga
7:30 pm Refuge Recovery Meeting

7:30 pm Meditation and Dharma Talk w/ Casey & Paul

7:30 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

6:00 pm Refuge Recovery Meeting

6:00 pm Women's Refuge Recovery Meeting

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