Monday, November 12, 2018

I was a sexually molested child (video)

(; Frank Kramer, Frosty Heidi & Frank; Eds., Wisdom Quarterly
Frank Kramer surprised his co-hosts and KLOS listeners during a call-in segment for people to share their stories of being sexually abused as children when he revealed...

A history of childhood sexual abuse during an emotional show on #MeToo stories
Frosty, Heidi, and Frank Kramer (KLOS)
Weekday mornings usually find the DJ crew of Frosty, Heidi, and Frank on KLOS (95.5 FM) cracking jokes, riffing on the news and sports, talking to entertainers and athletes, [abusing alcohol], and generally goofing off for the enjoyment of their fans.
Stop raping me, Harvey! (Daily News)
So the topic...was more serious than most -- inviting listeners to call in and share their #MeToo stories of sexual harassment and abuse.

[This is] a topic that’s been in the headlines in recent weeks since the scandal of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein broke.

And it got even more real when Frank Kramer, in a raw and emotional moment early in the show, decided to share his own story of being abused as a child.

Harvey Weinstein and US Pres. Don Trump
[He shared it] not only with co-hosts Frosty Stillwell and Heidi Hamilton but with the entire KLOS audience as well.

“Now here’s the thing,” Kramer said after a call with a man who described being abused when he was a child. “I was molested when I was a little kid.” More

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