Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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The Monroe Institute (; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly
TMI Journeys - Expanded States of Awareness and the Play Ground they Provide - November 2018

How Much Deep Consciousness Exploration is Too Much?

By Colette Kelso, Advanced Program Participant

Is it possible to go too deep too often?

I asked myself that as I prepared to attend 3 residential programs in a row at Monroe. It made logical sense. Being able to stay for 3 weeks saved money and time. But I wondered if doing back-to-back programs was a wise choice. Read More

Out-of-Body Myths, Legends & Facts

by Leslie France, TMI Projects Manager
Q: Can anyone learn to travel out of body?A: Theoretically, yes. In fact, Bob believed that we all go out of body during sleep, though most of us don’t remember after waking.
Read More.


Three Big Ways TMI Exercises are Different from Meditation

by Leslie France, TMI Projects Manager
That acceleration phenomenon was noted in a 1994 Wall Street Journal article, “Research Institute Shows People a Way Out of Their Bodies: Students ... .“ by Bob Ortega: Read More.




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