Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy LA Calendar Actions (video)

Occupy UCLA, Occupy Los Angeles, Wisdom Quarterly, Occupy CSUDH

Channel 5 (FOX Channel 11 local affiliate Los Angeles news coverage

There are fresh and exciting actions afoot. There are two BeGrouped text groups -- one for the Action Committee (discussiion) and one for Action Updates (strictly updates, no chatter). There is also a Twitter feed @OccupyLAAction and spying through

What: Mic Check at UC Board of Trustees Meeting
Where: Long Beach
When: Bus leaving OLA (Occupy LA) 1st & Main at 8:15 am.
Why: Tuition Hikes

Protesters Arrested at Massive 'Occupy L.A.' Rally
Protesters Arrested at Massive "Occupy L.A." Rally
LOS ANGELES (KTLA) - Union and Occupy LA demonstrators staged a massive
march and rally in downtown LA as part of Thursday's "National Day of Action"

What: Occupy the Bridge
Why: Corporate greed is killing good jobs. L.A.'s bridges, roads, parks, and schools are outdated and crumbling. We're losing firefighters, police, and good school jobs in our communities due to budget cuts. But Congress refuses to tax millionaires and super-wealthy corporations to pay for legislation that will create 125,400 good jobs in California. Wall Street banks were in trouble, Congress rushed to bail them out with billions in taxpayer money - but now Congress and corporations are turning their backs on our schools and communities.
When: Meet at Spring and 1st at 6:00 am for breakfast and to march over. March begins at BofA Plaza at 7:00 am!
Where: 4th & Flower St.

Local Channel 5 Los Angeles News (, Nov. 17, 2011

What: USWW March
When: Noon
Where: Leaving from City Hall South Side

OCCUPY UCLA @ 12:30 pm
What: One-Day Strike, all day picket line at CSU Dominguez Hills, Carson
When: 6:00 am - 7:00 pm (or whatever portion of the day you're available)
Campus Main Entrance (Gate E), 1000 E. Victoria St, Carson 90747
Why: Support Quality Public Higher Education
Stop the Corporate Takeover of the CSU! Help Save Middle Class Jobs!
Faculty Want to Provide Quality Education & Support Our Families. Join us!

What: Health & Wellness Fair

What: Aerial Photo of Occupy Los Angeles

Occupy Wall Street New York, SEIU, and Occupy Los Angeles (

What: Power of Comedy Event
When: 8:00 pm (leave from City Hall at 7:00 pm)
Where: Meet at northside OLA steps; event is at the Hollywood Palladium
Why: to encourage comedians to avoid working with stations who misrepresent the movement
**This is a ticketed event. OLA RSVP contact TBD -- stay tuned!**

Tuesday Nov. 22nd:
What: Teach-In & March to the Fed
When: Teach-In at 2:30 on northside steps, leave from Fountain Box at 4:00 pm for March
Where: Federal Reserve Bank
**Please let me know when we have a Facebook event for this, waiting on that link to print flyers**

UC Berkeley administrator misspeaks about a peaceful worldwide movement involving students that is repeatedly the victim of police and state-sanctioned violence.

Saturday Dec. 3rd:
**Still in Development**
What: Occupy Union Station -- joint action with Occupy Long Beach and Occupy Pasadena, likely other Occupy SoCal groups as well
When: 11:00 am -2:00/3ish
Where: Union Station
Why: Skits and so on to creatively reach out and gain public awareness and support
More details to come

**Still in Development**
What: Official LA Day of Non-Violence
Where: Southside steps OLA
Presentations/Speakers/music/etc. Presented by Interfaith Community, Quakers, and UCLA Center for Study of Religion.
More details to come

Tuesday Dec. 6th:
What: City Council Meeting
When: 10:00 am
Where: City Hall
Why: Resolution to end Corporate Personhood

Saturday, Dec. 10th:
What: March for International Human Rights Day
When: 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Cal State Long Beach police pepper spray abuse as tuition is hiked

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