Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celestial Time and Math

PART II: The Buddha's "Second Coming" (Maitreya)

India and the rest of the world, having been well educated from space visitors on how to track time, use a lunar not a solar (Gregorian) calendar.

It is the natural way to count, which even the Mayans (Maya) knew about. Our Moon was placed exactly where it is for a reason, not by a creator God but by space-devas presumably with the approval of Chandra, who holds sway on the Moon, a deva recognized by Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, and consequently much of Asia.

Those visiting beings not only gave the world a natural means of reckoning and agrarian and astrological calendars and synchronaries, but also languages (such as Sanskrit), advanced mathematics and geometry, and Knowledge Books (like the ancient Indus River Valley Civilization Vedas, from vidya, "knowledge" the opposite of avidya, "ignorance").

  • a week has seven days beginning with Moon-day
  • a month (Moonth?) four weeks, a full moon, and 28 days
  • a year has 13 full moons and (13 x 28) 364 days + 1 free day

This lunar year cycle serves as the basis of a very reliable calendar. It has served cultures around the world for millenia (aeons perhaps). Why an alien group or groups, of which there are many who visit to promote their own often selfish agendas, with the help of Church hegemony replaced that system with the irregular count of the solar calendar is anyone's guess.

India and the Maya had a synchronary and other "calendars" and almanacs for the charting the seasons for farming, vital to the success of agrarian societies, and for keeping cosmic time, which is important to extraterrestrial aliens.

  • 1 Tusita deva day and night = 400 human years
  • 1 Tusita deva month has 28 days (28 x 400) = 11,200 human years
  • 1 Tusita deva year (13 x 11,200 + 400) = 125,440,400 human years
  • 1 Tusita deva lifespan (4,000 x 125,440,400) = 584,000,000?
  • Check our work (365 x 400 x 4,000) = 584,000,000 human years!
  • Consider: We don't know when he arrived or if he'll leave early.
  • Conclusion: Maitreya won't be coming for a while.

Wisdom Quarterly's resident math geek and linguist are not here to verify our calculations or to read the Vedas' Ganita Sutras. And we are not trying to be like the Bible student who calculated that creation took place roughly 6,000 years ago at about 9:00 am. (This is not a joke).

What we are attempting to emphasize is that waiting for Maitreya is like Waiting for Godot! Practice now and practice then. Practice is always of benefit.

The people who quickly attained when the Buddha said but a few words to them did so because they had practiced a great deal of development (meditation) for a long time before that. Study and put those studies into the practice of the Path. That is why it is there.

So when is the Second Coming?
When will Maitreya Buddha arrive and begin teaching the Dharma? The Bodhisattva Natha will leave Tusita and take final human rebirth when the Five Great Considerations prompt him to do so.

It is not a matter of exhausting his supporting karma in Tusita. Noting that the former dispensation has completely disappeared, it will be what Natha sees happening on Earth when he reviews those five things.

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