Monday, November 28, 2011

UCLA: Protesting UC Regents' Meeting

Text:; Wisdom Quarterly
UCLA students protest fee hikes in front of Royce Hall and blocking street (

As expected, UCLA students and other protesters will be out in force at the Westwood campus today as some of the UC Regents hold a meeting that could ultimately decide the fate of another tuition hike [for California students].

Some demonstrators are unhappy with the Regents' decision not only to postpone their last meeting out of fear of radical protests, but to then hold today's make-up meeting at four different locations (UC San Francisco-Mission Bay, UCLA, UC Davis, and UC Merced) and vote via phone.

UCLA's short lived Take Back UCLA (Occupy) tents were resurrected today (Daily Bruin).

Demonstrators told us it was a clear attempt to diffuse the Occupy related anger over the tripling of student costs in the last 10 years. The group ReFund California has helped to organize the protests and has attempted to connect the unhappiness with hikes to the anti-bank, anti-Wall Street movement. More

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