Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Super Committee" FAILS (cartoons)

Wisdom Quarterly

The two party "Super Committee" is a Super Congress tasked with deficit reduction -- making cuts to pull the US out of debt. There is enough money in the country to not have this dilemma. It is a problem, like so many problems, of allocation.
We could tax the rich (at low pre-Bush Era rates). Or we could assess corporations more than their current effective-rate of zero. Or we might consider sending less money into the abyss of the "military-industrial complex" (Pres. Eisenhower), which as part of the "shadowy government" (Sen. Inouye), has its own funding anyway. But no.

The lines divide in another way: Democrats want to protect MediCare and social programs, whereas Republicans insist they have to protect the super rich and corporate personhood.

Given that both parties are largely corrupt, who would take the side of the bailed out, largely untaxed, welfare-siphoning super rich?

The "trickle down" theory of economics (the idea that if we give more and more money to the super rich, some of it will eventually fall down to the rest of the 99%) is a fiction that ignores the human needs of most American, even though they cost much less to provide than more tax breaks for the rich.

How deluded or insensitive must one be to imagine him or herself a beneficiary of so unfair a system?

Whatever happens after this catastrophic failure to reduce the deficit, at least country music superstar Taylor Swift's award for "artist of the year" is safe. At least we have that. (*Sigh*).

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