Monday, February 18, 2013

Bigfoot DNA analysis completed (audio)

Wisdom Quarterly; with George Knapp and guest Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
Sleeping Bigfoot dubbed "Matilda" included in body of evidence (

(Sasquatch Watch Canada) Dr. Ketchum discusses results of Bigfoot DNA analysis.

On Feb. 17, 2013 Coast to Coast welcomed back Dr. Melba S. Ketchum (, the professional geneticist who sequenced Bigfoot's DNA from hair and flesh samples. Host George Knapp discussed the official release of her DNA analysis of Sasquatch samples, photos, and video. Her scientific journal publication is titled "Novel North American Hominin" is available for download through the DeNovo Journal
Dr. Ketchum's findings were based on the analysis of 111 samples of blood, tissue, hair, and related materials sent in to her lab by Sasquatch researchers and eyewitnesses. Testing of mitochondrial DNA, which comes exclusively from the mother's line, revealed that the hair was at least partly human in origin. But a forensic hair specialist examined the specimens and declared them to be novel: "It was not human hair and didn't match any of his animal knowns it was tested against," he attested.
When it came to testing the nuclear DNA of the samples, "we started getting really strange results," she explained, "with weird looking bands that were all different sizes." One testing facility reported that the sequences did not match anything in the GenBank database. 

Dr. Ketchum has concluded that the creatures are either derived from humans and mutated excessively or some type of hybrid. She has furthermore concluded that they are a fairly modern species, paralleling humans over the last 13,000 years. She also suggests that there were some 16 different subtypes of Bigfoot, typically associated with different regions. See RECAP of her Dec. 23, 2012 appearance when she prematurely made the announcement about the publication in light of a leak from her team. 

The most amazing updates she reported from her previous appearance was a photograph of a Bigfoot dubbed "Matilda" sleeping in the forest, video, and a century-old historical account from Russia of a captured female who was domesticated and eventually impregnated six times by townsmen. The creature was part human and incredibly robust. It was used for labor and tame enough to walk around town on its own. It was called Zeina (Zayna?). Her first two hybrid offspring died as she attempted to wash them in the cold river postpartum. The remainder were taken from her at birth and raised by townspeople. It would seem that at least one of the hybrids or descendents might still be alive.

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