Friday, February 8, 2013

Sex crimes in rural India (audio)

Julie McCarthy, Feb. 8, 2013 (Morning Edition,; Wisdom Quarterly
Outside the Big City, a Harrowing Sexual Assault in Rural India (
Julie McCarthy
A gang rape case in India's capital has attracted international attention. But sexual assaults are a nationwide problem, and authorities are often dismissive of victims, particularly in rural areas. One woman tells her story.

It began as an innocent Sunday outing to see the movie The Life of Pi. By the time the night was over, it had become a grisly gang rape that shocked the world.

Five men went on trial this week, charged with the rape and killing of a 23-year-old woman who died of the injuries she suffered when she was attacked on a bus as it moved through the streets of Delhi -- an assault that ignited public outrage over the violence against women in the Indian capital.
But sexual assault is also prevalent in rural India, where unelected, all-male village councils influence attitudes toward women and caste conflict contributes to violence against them. More: LISTEN

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