Thursday, February 21, 2013

We are "Enough :-)" (DharmaComics)

Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Leah,
What if I am not enough? That is distressing. What if I am already enough? That's mind and heart-boggling.

I'd better reflect but reflect in a way that uplifts and liberates. Sometimes some unsavory things are good to see. But mostly we spend enough time doing that.

We give no time to celebrating, to reveling, to enjoying with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.

There is so much to appreciate -- to have appreciative joy (mudita) for! Do it, do it, say it, say it: I'm ENOUGH! You're enough! We're enough!
Buddha's teaching on Unselfish JOY
Buddhist Publication Society (Wheel 170)
[The Buddha:] "O, monastics! Here [in this Dharma and Discipline], disciples let mind [heart] pervade one quarter of the cosmos with thoughts [feelings] of unselfish joy -- so the second, so the third, and so the fourth quarter. Thus the whole wide world -- above, below, around, everywhere and equally -- one continues to pervade with a heart of unselfish joy, abundant, grown great, grown measureless, without hostility or ill-will." More

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