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Newsflash: god recalls Pope

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL)

Pope in robes (
First Barney dies, now the Pope is being recalled (called to resign, which Vatican law allows, rather than retire). What is god, the tribal deity of Catholics and Jews and Christians and possibly Muslims, thinking?

Archbishop Jose Gomez (CNA/Matthew Rarey)
Recently the new Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez, denounced former Cardinal Roger Mahoney for felonies surrounding his concealing of child molestation, rape, and sexual misconduct by trusted Catholic priests all over the country, moving rapists to new parishes where they again raped children. Will the LAPD be filing charges? They're looking into it, but the Vatican has powerful lawyers and an almost infinite donation-well/real estate holdings to dip in, then there's the Officer Dorner fiasco which has it all tied up. So probably not. Nevertheless, Archbishop Gomez publicly humiliated Mahoney by outing him for his immoral and unethical behavior.

Mahoney countered on his blog, stating that he was never taught about homosexual acting out by priests in the seminary he attended. This is odd since one of the biggest Church-related scandals in nearby Mexico was over a chief Catholic cleric who was in the habit of molesting incoming seminarians, who probably went on to become outgoing child-molesting priests, bishops, archbishops, and -- if it's the god's will -- cardinals. Whatever Archbishop Gomez did in stripping Mahoney of all official power, he has not been able to keep him from performing services in his own local church or heading to the seat of the current Roman Empire to vote for the next religious emperor (pope). The papacy is that powerful, and viewed in just that way in some quarters of the Orthodox Eastern Church (of Russia and the Near East). 
Male priests attend to the lamas' lama.
And Catholics constitute the world's largest religion in official numbers (~1.2 billion). There are more than a billion Buddhists in the world, but most of them are not counted in official census numbers tabulated by the communist regime (think China) and Hindu-dominated governments (think Nepal) in which they practice. For the sake of clarification it should be made clear that there are only three "world religions," universal missionary traditions. When Catholicism, Christianity, and Judaism are combined, they form the largest. Islam (Shiites, Sunnis, and Sufis) and Buddhism (Mahayana, Theravada, and Vajrayana) are the other two.

Pope in full regalia (dalailama)
What was Archbishop Gomez upset about? The massive child molesting scandal is getting worse now that the Church has confessed to failing to report, concealing, and dissuading the reporting of sex crimes against minors within the Church. This was not an "oversight" or act of "rogue elements" within the Church; it was a conspiracy (in league with lawyers and one can imagine other diabolical elements), a crime, and shameless hypocrisy that ran all the way to the top. Where is/was the top? Outgoing Pope Benedict's lap. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. So since Catholicism (with its massive Mithraic and Euro-Roman-Pagan inheritance) and Lamaism (with its massive Bon and Hindu-tantra inheritance) already have so much in common -- with great pomp, ceremony, and an extraordinarily patriarchal bishop/cardinal (lama/rinpoche) power structure, the 16th Benedict Pope (Joe Ratzinger) is following the 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) into official-semi-retirement. However, while the Pope leaves in just enough time to escape total disgrace, the Dalai Lama enjoy more popularity than ever. It cannot be that both god-kings did not face the same issues in their predominantly male organizations, but one seems to have worried about money and corporate management while the other focused on liberating most of its flock from the clutches of godless Chinese oppressors. Moreover, while some think the Dalai Lama is an enlightened master, few if any regard the Pope as much more than a figurehead/CEO.

Do most people know that the Vatican and Holy See (the world's smallest independent state/country, which is in Rome but neither a part of Rome or Italy) is built on a massive temple complex dedicated to Mithra? The Romans worshipped Mithra long before it nominally converted to worshipping the anointed King Jesus (St. Issa/Y'shua Christos). Never mind that the story of Jesus survived as a Jewish mushroom cult talking about the psychedelic experience as personified in the person of Jesus of Nazara, Egypt (not Nazareth, Israel/Palestine).

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