Thursday, February 21, 2013

Better love relationships (audio)

Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Lisa Garr,
Love is the drug -- addictive, all-consuming, smack. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you become accustomed (

John Gray Ph.D.
Great John Gray
Marriage counselor John Gray, Ph.D. ( is the bestselling relationship author of all time. He has written 16 bestselling books including Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
His latest, Why Mars & Venus Collide, reached the Amazon Top 100. 

This bestseller reveals how men and women can improve relationships by understanding how they cope differently with stress (dukkha).
Dr. John Gray shares insightful ideas to take advantage of the differences in male-female communication styles. Why are they different? Social, hormonal, and structural brain differences. Maybe karma, too. Whatever the case, modern men need more testosterone, whereas women need more dopamine. Too much may be toxic, but not enough is terribly damaging to relationships and intimacy.
Why Mars & Venus Collide reveals how we can improve our relationships. How? We can understand that the sexes tend to cope with stressors differently.  Distress, eustress, it's all stress, and it's all around us. Great relationships are possible anyway.
This Feb. 14, 2013 re-airing is available to members.

How can we celebrate men while satisfying women? Alison Armstrong teaches a way!
The amazing Alison Armstrong
(PAX) Relationship expert Alison Armstrong ( is the creator of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women, a fast-paced, entertaining, two-day workshop for women providing a sensible method of understanding the communication between men and women.
Gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate with men -- who do not even have the same purpose for communicating!  Armstrong offers amazing insights into sex differences. 
Men, Armstrong helps make women understandable, too! She outlines the "stages of development in men," which are very enlightening. This Feb. 13, 2013 re-airing is available to members.

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