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Why is sexual abuse rampant in religion?

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seven, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS) 
The world agrees with Stewie, "These outrages will not be soon forgotten." (
Recently we asked, How gay can Vatican priests get? Just a few days later, England's top Catholic (Scotsman and homosexual cleric, Cardinal Keith O'Brien) is stepping down after accusations by fellow priests that he sexually harassed them.

It's one thing for priests, engaged in post-seminary activities, to be gay. But it seems a whole other thing for Church officials to engage in hypocritical homosexual misconduct. Not satisfied to molest boys, traffic in child pornography, and cause parishes and the Vatican to pay out millions in donations from innocent devotees, now it is revealed that higher-ups in the Church have been "indoctrinating" young priests in a lifestyle choice that ruins lives of children and clerics, as attested to by SNAP ( and other organizations.

Young men, hoping to avoid homosexual impulses/thoughts, sometimes as a result of having been molested sometimes not, may seek a higher course of life -- the "respectability" of celibacy in an all-male organization with a cohort of similarly gay-but-not-acting-on-it recruits beloved in the community and welcomed into homes with vulnerable young boys. And so the cycle continues -- men not identifying as "gay" molesting boys, who go on to live out the terrible ramifications of childhood abuse.

How does childhood trauma affect females? Tattoos, drugs, denial, and experimentation? CONTROVERSY: By definition, few homosexuals may molest children, BUT all people who molest children of the same sex are necessarily engaging in homosexuality.
Some, wishing to avoid the staid and sedentary lifestyle of bookish churchmen, instead go into the military where they are able to rape boys and young men (often killing them to conceal the sex crimes), and fellow male soldiers with almost complete immunity. The brass defends, covers up, and is certainly aware of their behavior -- often charging victims who come forward to report the crimes, in some cases charging singles with "adultery" because the man who raped them was married, as seen in "The Invisible War -- just as Church officials are seen doing. While these men commit their crimes with violence and the threat of violence, the churchmen are arguably more reprehensible for abusing and misusing "God," religion, sin, retribution, and punishment as explanations to hapless victims. Yet it is all shrouded in shame and secrecy. Unless this is uncovered, we can only expect to see more and more sexual perversion, hypermasculinity, effeminate behavior, DOMA, official Church hypocrisy, denial from the lay community, and a hatred of the body and human sexuality.

Sorts of kids Americans are killing (Blue_agava)
Sadly, these aberrations can hardly be called "aberrant" since they have been going on so long. Nor are they limited to Judeo-Christian societies. Cultures around the world have always had to deal with the natural occurrence of bisexual and homosexual behavior, and some have done so quite successfully (such as the Native American Chumash and various Asian cultures).
When it is accompanied by shame, humiliation, considered aberrant rather than normative within a range of behaviors, perversion ensues. Islam has much to answer for in this regard. Widespread homosexuality in the Iranian military, utterly denied by leaders and ordinary citizens is already well known. (Perhaps high testosterone resulting from early childhood trauma, which often entails violent acting out for what cannot be spoken or named, and androgen stimulation from military training, police training, prison guarding, boy scouting, and so on, leads to more predatory behavior. But the machismo leads to shame, denial, hypocrisy, and homophobia -- fear and loathing of the acts and impulses rather than the ordinary understanding of the word as hatred of individuals.)

Famous Afghan beauty (Nat Geo)
Prison? Prisoners -- left with a great deal of stress, testosterone, unresolved abuse (childhood and current), intimacy issues, fear, pride, and power trips to resolve -- are notorious for engaging in rape, sodomy, and violent sexual abuse. And who has more prisoners than America? The same phenomenon was seen in South Africa when so many non-Afrikaners were imprisoned that it created a cultural change of almost normalizing bisexuality. Are women not aware of what is happening, or are they in denial of what they become aware of but find painful to admit? Do they perpetuate the shame? What about non-offending men? Not surprisingly, hypermasculine men will want to stamp out "weaknesses" they perceive in themselves out of others; not able to resolve it or cope with it or assimilate it into their view of themselves, they attack others. American prison guards rape male prisoners, why? Is it homosexuality, a power trip, bisexuality, violent humiliation that ends with ejaculation? (Controversially, like Dr. Drew Pinsky, we believe that rape is mostly a sexual crime; clearly it is violent, but its motives are mostly sexual with violent elements or masking is shame using violence). Sexual abusers are well tolerated in prison so long as their practices begin in prison; anyone arrested for sex crimes, hypocritically, is targeted from the outset. Hypocrisy? The inability to assimilate the very impulses they see in others and deny in themselves?
A BBC documentary has uncovered evidence of abuse by the Afghan police force in Helmand province. Reporter Ben Anderson spent five weeks following a group of US Marines who are advising the police in Sangin district before the hand-over of power is completed there next month. He discovered evidence of some shocking behavior including corruption, kidnap, drug use, murder, and child abuse [sex trafficking]. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Anderson about his report. More
Islam? Tonight PBS will investigate the widespread practice by Islamic Afghani police who abduct young boys and keep them as servants and homosexual rape victims or "sex slaves" (bacha bazi, baccha). Often the excuse is that the boys offer up their bodies, possibly in exchange for closeness as was reportedly the custom in ancient Greece (pederasty) with its gynasia and apprentice/mentor relationships. It is to be expected in any society that hates females, considers them "dirty," or cloistered, or the "property" of someone else that boys and young men will be abused as proxies. Why is anyone being sexually abused? If "sex" is labelled dirty, immoral, or prohibited, it will simply go underground and be denied; it will not make people chaste, particularly not adults and priests. We should have learned from childhood that closing our eyes does not make our monsters (often our relatives, neighbors, and clerics) disappear; it only makes us feel as if they have. The problem remains festering, like hydraulic fracking-chemicals, pushed down here only to pop up everywhere else. We are blind to our own sexual misconduct, but we somehow are able to see it in others such as our "enemies" the Afghanis. So let us look at the "dancing boy" phenomenon and set aside the child trafficking and male prostitution rampant in the US.

Social religion (celibate communities) and individual spirituality cannot thrive in a hypocritical environment, but they can thrive with the practice of jhana (serenity meditation).

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