Thursday, February 7, 2013

Killer police go on killing spree (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly

LAPD officer, now fired, Christopher Dorner killed two citizens in Irvine, Orange County. They were related to former LAPD turned lawyer who represented Dorner at his dismissal hearing. Dorner is then alleged to have killed a police officer on duty and seriously injuring another and grazing a third in a drive up shooting using a rifle. The Chief of Police, also a former LAPD officer, of the Riverside/Inland Empire city of Corona was baffled why Dorner came after him or anyone in his town. 
That did not stop Chief Diaz from acting as judge, jury, and would-be executioner in calling Dorner a "murderer" at a morning press conference. Police throughout the Southland are apparently on shoot-to-kill orders in a massive manhunt. Ex-military Dorner was most recently positively identified on a military base hotel, which he left without formally checking out. He abducted an 83 year old boat owner with the intention of making his way to Mexico by sea. But he was unable to start the boat and left the owner unharmed. His police ID and personal effects were found nearby, it has been reported. Killer police -- on protection detail for LAPD brass -- shot two women delivering The Los Angeles Times this morning on the pretext that they were driving a vehicle resembling the description of Dorner's last known vehicle.
Kill anything that moves?
Torrance police, responding to that shooting, then rammed another vehicle, also resembling Dorner's (except that it was a different color), as they raced to the scene. They attempted to execute the innocent citizen at the wheel and fired multiple shots through the windshield. The citizen escaped harm, and the officers are being lauded for their quick thinking. No charges are planned against the officers since they were on a mission in hopes of killing Dorner -- as judged by the actions of all involved. Their story will certainly differ since police are stating that their main interest is in "public safety." We will be kept safe even if it kills us because someone had the audacity to harm an officer. 
What is Dorner's stated reason for all this? In a facebook posting the mainstream media is calling a "manifesto," he explains that the LAPD is a racist organization that has maligned him, lied about him, and wrongly terminated his employment. Those allegations will not be discussed now (or likely ever) because first things first: "Catch" [read kill] or contain this renegade policeman at all costs before he harms another officer. The City of Los Angeles is on tactical alert (incurring massive overtime costs to the city) with more officers roaming around freely with high-powered guns and personal firearms looking for a single Black man.

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