Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What really happened in Sandy Hook? (video)

Tyler McCreless Documentary (Subliminal Proof/; Wisdom Quarterly

This video is in the final editing process as part of an analysis of what really happened at Sandy Hook beyond the mainstream media's spin and disinformation campaign in league with the military-industrial complex and its Pres. Obama-approved gun ban and confiscation plan.

As more evidence is released this summer, which will be linked HERE in an addendum. If any portion of this analysis is convincing, the next video will be one to be sure to catch. They are being created because it is obvious that the puzzle-pieces are floating around without being put together. Remarkably, this video contains only facts. 

What those facts mean and suggest is what is controversial leading people to resist examining the implications.

An AGENT is attempting to debunk this video by arguing that the mother's texts from CBS were legitimate and that they were providing her with information or some such. This link shows that CBS didn't even know the name of the school the day it happened. The lost "SANDY HILL" interview is located here: How Many Were Killed at Sandy Hook? (

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