Friday, February 22, 2013

Don't Think About Sex (video)

CC Liu and Seven, Wisdom Quarterly
Why gym teachers are routinely tapped to helm the great ship of pubescent awkwardness known as Sex Ed, we'll never know. Anyone who remembers knows it's no way to learn about the birds and the bees (

Cosmo sex on sale now
You know how when you're shopping, you don't think of spending. That's not what sellers want us to focus on. You sell yourself, trick yourself: you think about saving.

I do. I'll save 10 whole dollars if I buy this, not that I "need" it. And 20 bones if I pick up two. That's nothing to turn a shoulder to.

It's saving. So many savings! Think how rich I'll be with all those bones. As if 20 bones just got delivered into my voodoo (economics) chest to pull out of the ATM on  a rainy day.  And, oh, look at all this rain.

Jerri Blank in class with Stephen Colbert
Don't think about sex, don't think about sex, don't think about... (Ami Sedaris' Jerri Blank on the super comedy "Strangers With Candy"). Think about safety

Yeah, safety's hot. Reminds me of school. That's it, that's it. Gym class. Funky shorts. Knee highs. And is that teacher looking at me? I know that teacher ain't looking at me. Or? Guess we'll never know.

What if Meditation is...
Enjoy mindfully in the moment (
What if meditation is the same way? Quant says the only way to meditate is to not concentrate. Pema Chodron says the same thing -- the way to meditation is non-meditation. Don't try. Do. Sit. Just sit.

But there we go adding to it! Thinking, monkey-minding, wondering, wandering. "Wondering and wandering, one place to rest this urge as the mighty arms of madness pull the heavens from the earth. From the earth!"

Non-meditation: uncovering natural wakefulness

We gotta find a way, gotta find a way -- to let this mind/heart settle into its rightful place. Elevated.

Budai (Asher Isbrucker/flickr)
Since meditative-bliss is better than sensuality, I wonder if the mind goes back to it again and again. Does it become an obsession? Not if one keeps going deeper. The defect of the first absorption is evident in the second, and the fault of the second is evident in the third. Soon equanimity, unflappability and peace, become the go to state.

Then imagine it. The path to enlightenment comes into view. But it's easy to get sidetracked, to slip off the spiraling-narrow, to the kinky and straight with all its limitations. Don't think about sex, don't think about sex, if we keep reminding ourselves not to, we certainly will think about it.

Don't think about stillness. Don't think about peace. Don't think about this moment. :)

Resist not the unskillful
For then it pulls.
Resist the skillful
And be pulled to it?

Okay, Think about Sex
Of course, we can just keep struggling and muscling it like Troglodytes:

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