Monday, October 3, 2016

Catholic molestation and devastation in Guam

Associated Press via; Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
Guam, a far off US [colonial] territory from the country's earliest imperial adventures

Ahhh, no! (
GUAM - Catholicism is woven deeply into the Spanish-influenced culture of this land of 165,000 people [in the Philippine Sea]. Families consider it a blessing to be closely associated with priests, and having a son grow up to be a priest or a daughter become a nun is a source of pride.

Church? Kids running (
That's why allegations that the island's archbishop molested altar boys decades ago have divided churchgoers and put the governor in a difficult spot politically. When the Legislature unanimously sent him a bill eliminating the two-year statute of limitations for suing over sexual abuse, priests worked feverishly to stave it off, telling parishioners at Sunday Mass at the island's 26 churches that the measure would bankrupt the church. More

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