Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton exposed by Daily Mail

Alana Goodman (, Oct. 27, 2016) Facebook; Wisdom Quarterly
US mainstream media will do anything to elect establishment candidate Clinton (AP).
EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton's long-time lover reveals how he called ruthless Hillary "The Warden," bemoaned his sex life with his [lesbian] wife who had greasy hair and [horrible] body odor but wanted a baby [which she got from her infidelity with co-worker Webster Hubbell not Bill] to dispel the rampant "lesbian rumors."
  • Parkinson's disease? (NE)
    Arkansas native Dolly Kyle says she had an affair with Bill Clinton that began in the 1970s and lasted for decades.
  • Their relationship ended in 1990s when Bill Clinton threatened to "destroy" Dolly Kyle if she spoke to the media, she tells in an interview.
  • When Dolly first met Hillary in Hot Springs, Hillary's eyes glared at her from behind "Coke-bottle-thick lenses with an air of real hostility."
  • "She looked so bad and she smelled so bad, I just didn't believe this was Hillary; I hoped that I wouldn't gag when she got in my car," said Kyle.
  • Hillary is "a mean, angry person; she’s a volcano waiting to erupt, and God help you if you’re anywhere near the lava flow."
  • The last time Kyle spoke to Bill Clinton was at their 35th high school reunion in 1994.
Bill Clinton is a sex-addicted "monster" who mocked Hillary Clinton by calling her "The Warden" in front of friends and privately boasted about his high notch count [number of sex partners as counted on one's belt], according to his long-time mistress and childhood friend Dolly Kyle.

Dolly Kyle, now 68, says she had a decades-long affair with the former president before and during his marriage and had a front-row seat to Bill's salacious double-life in the 1970s and '80s. More

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