Monday, October 3, 2016

Indigenous solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Chrissie M. Castro [(323) 420-6844], Xochitl, Pfc. Sandoval, editors, Wisdom Quarterly
(Last Week Tonight/HBO)  Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

A group is involved in the effort to change Columbus Day to "Indigenous Peoples' Day" in Los Angeles City and County
A number testified before city and county governmental bodies, listing ways Columbus impacted both indigenous and black peoples -- receiving supportive solidarity statements from the African American community.
Police: We'll be the judge of that on the street.
Last Friday, Black Lives Matter also hosted a fundraiser to benefit Standing Rock -- where they raised $2,500 that is earmarked for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which is using funds to pay legal fees as well as supporting the protest camp's infrastructure. 

U.S. history (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz)
This weekend, there were three officer-involved shootings of black men in Southern California, and Black Lives Matter conducted a non-violent action at LAPD Headquarters today (Oct. 3, 2016). 

Police arrested two of the women who showed up as supporters of indigenous issues -- Patrisse Cullours and Melina Abdullah. 

We are calling LAPD Headquarters at the numbers above to demand they be released because #Black Lives Matter on Indigenous Land.
"Stop killing us!!" Murderous police keep shooting/killing people of color (AP).

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