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Rigging the Election with Don and Hill (cartoon)

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"The Incredible Trump" [Hulk] (Tom Tomorrow/

The more Republicans hate Trump, the more we like him for president (to be a wrench in The Machine that is Washington, D.C.)
DNC Admits Rigging in Court, Censored Topics in Pres. Debate, Dakota Protesters Raided
Redacted TonightIn Episode 118 of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp breaks down the first presidential debate. He covers the crucial issues that were absurdly missing from the debate -- issues that are, in fact, the most pressing for the nation/world.

Then correspondent John F. O’Donnell infiltrates the presidential debate like a troll-god. He messes with the heads of some of the most powerful American politicians alive, and they have no freakin’ idea.

We'll rig this together. - Sure we will.
Then Camp gives updates on both the lawsuit against the DNC (Democratic National Committee) for rigging the primary election against Bernie Sanders and the militaristic measures taken against the Dakota Access Pipeline clean-water defenders.

Finally, Correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals the intensifying “War on Cash.”

Lawsuit to get primaries' exit poll data could prove Bernie won: Bob Fitrakis
(Redacted Tonight, VIP Edition 31) It’s an election fraud update! In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp interviews Bob Fitrakis, a lawyer and professor of political science. He has recently filed a lawsuit against Edison Research, which is an exit polling company. As you may recall, they refused to release any of the raw exit poll data, even though exit polls and voting results in a number of Democratic presidential primary races were way off, like wayyyyy off, like enter the UN to monitor the election if it were another country wayyyyy off. This is a fascinating discussion of just how much our democracy is slipping.

Republicans tell Trump to quit, fake-billionaire vows to press on
The Pres. of Porn: Donald Hump "Tremendous Stamina" (
Hey, baby, how'ya doin'? Are Huma and Billy treatin' you right? Call me (AP).
The targets are about his big, OK? (AP)
NEW YORK - A defiant Donald J. Trump insisted Saturday he would "never" abandon his White House bid, rejecting a growing backlash from Republican leaders nationwide who disavowed the GOP's presidential nominee after he was caught [from that darn Gotcha Media] on tape bragging about predatory advances on women [and how they like it].

Trump's own running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, declared he could neither condone nor defend Trump's remarks in a 2005 videotape that sparked panic inside Trump Tower and throughout the Republican Party with early voting already underway exactly one month before Election Day.
I only violate them this much (AP).
"We pray for his family," Pence said in a statement after canceling a Wisconsin appearance scheduled with House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus, both of whom had condemned Trump's remarks the day before but stopped short of withdrawing support altogether.
Young Trump with Playboy "Bunnies"
The furor places enormous pressure on Trump to try to tamp down a crisis sure to spill into Sunday night's presidential debate. But even as the fallout deepened fractures in a party already torn about Trump, many remained loyal to the political outsider. Wisconsin voter Jean Stanley donned a shirt proclaiming "Wisconsin Women Love Trump" and called Ryan a "traitor" for denouncing the presidential contender's comments.
Geez, Donald! Do you want some Tic Tacs?
"He's a real human," Stanley said of the New York businessman, surrounded by Trump supporters at the Wisconsin rally where he was set to appear before the videotape emerged. Ryan and Priebus did not join a chorus of GOP officeholders from Utah to Alabama to New Hampshire who decided the former reality television star's bombshell was too much to take. More
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