Monday, October 17, 2016

Sex Scandal or WikiLeaks? (video)

What does the liar really think? (WL)
We're petty. We'd rather focus on a "sex" scandal we can understand than begin to fathom what WikiLeaks is revealing about the establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.
Don't people realize that the mainstream media is rallied around Clinton. It's not a choice. We're told we have to vote for her. We'd be crazy to do otherwise.

Not this year, not this election. There will be no more voting for the lesser evil. Donald Trump is the lesser evil. But we would have to be paying close attention to know that. Who has time?

Fake poll results deter and bully voters.
No, this year we are going THIRD PARTY no matter how the mainstream propagandists, statisticians, and pollsters paint a dire picture. 

Green Jill Stein all the way, the only candidate in the trenches with the Water Protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. We will not be played like the last two times (and the two times before that).

Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein - a third party vote changes the system!

Standing Sioux: No Dakota Access Pipeline!
Third party candidates finally have a chance to be serious contenders, but not if we in the mainstream media can help it. John Oliver considers them seriously as potential presidents (wink-wink). Who is Oliver voting for? Last Week tonight with John Oliver: Destroys Donald Trump and Kellyane Conway.

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