Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Epic Superpowers PRANK (video)

Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly;

We recently featured a collection of 5 People with Superpowers [abhinna, iddhi, siddhis] Caught on Tape. The one at the intersection where a deva (lit. "shining one," light being, angel) intervenes to save a man on a bike rickshaw from certain death when he is almost run over by a truck seems real to us. But the deva spotted in Hong Kong who disappears when running into the street when he should have been hit by a bus is likely fake. The man with the groceries with the South Park cutout that flies by is certainly fake.

Stand back, boys! I have paranormal superpowers!
However, the one we questioned was the Thai girl in an emotional exchange with her friend and two aggressive boys next to a bus. The camera work looked staged and unwavering, very unusual if someone caught this on a cell phone video cam. But it is hard to tell without understanding the tonal Thai language. High emotion masks lying, a.k.a. acting. This site ( confirms our misgivings and labels the incident a certain "hoax." It offers for comparison a staged promotional prank for the movie Carrie, which ends up being a funny social psychological experiment on par with an episode of the old show "Candid Camera."

Supernatural prank done for comic effect on Brazilian TV. What would you think, that you were a soulless vampire or among the formerly living?

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