Friday, July 14, 2017

Dharma Punx: Against the Stream (July); Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

This Weekend and Beyond...
Against the Stream in LA and SF
Tomorrow (Saturday, July 15th), Dave Smith and Chris Crotty will be offering a daylong on The Meaning of Mindfulness. During this full day event we will explore the theory, practice, and application of mindfulness as it is outlined in early Buddhism.

Using a practice-based framework, we will explore how the philosophical and psychological dimensions of Buddhism can be integrated into the exploration of present-time awareness. There will be guided meditations, educational lectures, dialog, and time for Q&A.

Q Sangha 
Q Sangha ["Queer Spiritual Community"] will meet this Sunday at 3:00 pm at Melrose. Join in for meditation and conversation. This group is open to all who self-identify as LGBTQ. Organizers look forward to seeing you there.

Silent meditation retreats 
Retreats are a good way to deepen our practice. We have three on the schedule that are currently open for registration:
  • East Coast Retreat with Chris Crotty, Vinny Ferraro, and JoAnna Harper starts August 20
  • Refuge Recovery Retreat with Noah Levine starts September 1
  • Fall Retreat with Noah Levine, JoAnna Harper, Lucia Horan, and Vinny Ferraro starts October 22
Looking Ahead
  • The Meaning of Mindfulness: July 15 
  • Waking Up in Relationship: August 7
  • You Are Enough: Releasing the Myth of Insufficiency: July 29
  • An Exploration Into Anatta and the Nature of Identity: August 5
  • The Heart of Change: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Activism: August 5
  • The Five Remembrances: August 19
  • LA Food Bank: August 26
  • POC Non-Residential Weekend Retreat: September 15-17
Classes this weekend
  • Friday - People of Color Group: 7:30 pm,  Melrose
  • Friday - Living the Sutras:7:30 pm, Santa Monica
  • Saturday - Saturday Sit with Mary Stancavage: 5:00 pm, Melrose
  • Saturday - Refuge Recovery - 6:00 pm, Santa Monica
  • Sunday - 11:00 am sit with Mary Stancavage, Melrose
  • Sunday - Just Sit Community Meditation: 5:00 pm, Melrose
  • Sunday - Youth Group: 5:45 pm, Santa Monica
  • Sunday - Refuge Recovery, 7:00 pm, Melrose
  • Sunday - Sunday Evening Meditation and Talk: 7:30 pm, Santa Monica

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