Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lost Black City of Ancient Kemet/Egypt? (video)

The Lost Black City of Ancient Kemet?
First of all, Where is Egypt (known in ancient times as Kemet, km.t or "black")? It's in Africa. Look at a map. Who lives in Africa? Aside from the modern European (Ashkenazi) people who migrated to the part of Africa called the "Middle East," there were the original Israelites, likely the Ethiopians when Ethiopia (Cush) was much bigger and included the small coastal area the CIA and the media calls "Israel" today.

Don't tell people it's Africa. - I won't.
So who would have inhabited Egypt's "Lost City"? What race would have built the ancient pyramids and other marvels like the Sphinx and secret tunnels? That's a trickier question because there were certainly brilliant blacks. But there were also reds, and "others," extraterrestrial-others. Many if not most of the pharaohs were black.

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They were likely also human hybrids, part space beings or celestial "gods," regents waiting for the return of overlord rulers who occupied many places on earth and left inexplicable stone monuments and bloodlines.

Prehistoric Proof of Ancient Aliens

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