Monday, July 3, 2017

Pizza for the Fourth of July! (recipes)

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It is said (by the Pig Industry?) that Americans will eat 150,000,000 hotdogs today, the 4th of July. That's more beers and barf sessions than on Cinco de Mayo. That's more dead pigs and animal waste parts -- fingernails, guts, eyeballs, rodent feces (really!) all mashed up and dyed reddish -- than we can comfortably conceive.

But My Family Would Never...
Shouldn't we really be eating the real favorite food of these United States? Pizza! Veggie style, nondairy and gluten-free even. Yum! The great thing about pizza, like sex, even when it's not that good it's still pretty good.

Sure, all systems were go on "National Vegan Pizza Day" (June 28th), but we're ready to do our vegan pizza parties right with another from these 30 vegan pizza recipes... Recipes

Epic Fireworks Fails!
Fireworks shows – when put on by trained professionals – can be a blast. But when it's just me and my friends, the results can be hilarious for everyone else and hazardous for us. counts down some of the Top 10 Craziest Fireworks Fails we could find. This video was created in collaboration with Fail Army, check out their YouTube channel here:

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