Wednesday, July 5, 2017

All Our Heroes Have Criminal Records (video)


Native America: 7th Generation Rises Meet young Native Americans taking a stand with music, art, social media. In this episode, Frank Waln powerfully crusades for the environment; pop singer Inez Jasper speaks out and empowers women; Nataanii Means and Mike Cliff step in to help lift up and inspire reservation youth and through Native Lives Matter.

Poster Series Challenges Readers to Reconsider the Kind of Hero/Heroine Found in a Comic
There is a poster series those interested in social justice may like. It encourages readers young and old to consider a different kind of hero and/or heroine than we normally think of when reading comics. 

These four posters boldly claim "All Our HEROES Have Criminal Records."
History is eye-opening.
This visual campaign is inspired by the lives of four people who have been arrested for their grassroots organizing and/or activities of civil disobedience:
Judi Bari beats FBI, Oakland PD
They reflect a healthy variety of political backgrounds (anti-war, civil rights, environmentalism, people’s history, feminism, and anarchism) -- and each has appeared, at least once, in comic form. All artwork by Sean Richman. 

Ad Astra is excited to make these posters available (Ad Astra Online Shop).

But you may ask, Who is Emma Goldman? She was an anarchist and feminist known for her political activism, writing, and speeches.

Heroine Emma Goldman
Goldman played a pivotal role in the development of anarchist political philosophy in North America and Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Arrested in 1917 with Alexander Berkman for conspiring to “induce persons not to register” for the newly instated WWI military draft. She appears in A Dangerous Woman: The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman... More

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil OBEDIENCE" - Howard Zinn

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