Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hip Hop: First Peoples, New Voices (video) (Sat., July 1, 2017, Program); Xochitl, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Hip-hop embraced and emboldened by an Indigenous perspective: Experience raw lyrics, urgent poetry, and iconic dance delivered as modern manifestations of protest from innovative Native American artists melding modern and traditional art forms.

This powerful expression of culture and community features Frank Waln (Sicangu Lakota), The Sampson Brothers (Mvskoke Creek/Seneca), Tanaya Winder (Southern Ute/Duckwater Shoshone/Pyramid Lake Paiute), MC RedCloud (Huichol), and Mare Advertencia Linka (Zapoteca). Followed by a Music Movement Meaning post-show discussion.
First Peoples, New Voices
This two-year series features extraordinary artists from various North American Indigenous communities, who use contemporary music, dance, and theater to share their compelling stories. (Artist travel is provided by United Airlines). More

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