Friday, July 7, 2017

Heatwave withers Southern California

Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly;

Did that just burst into flames under the sun?
The hottest place in the world is in Southern California, in a furnace blast known as Death Valley. Temperatures there today reached a high of 127 degrees Fahrenheit. The world record for the hottest air temperature ever recorded on the planet is in Death Valley, which once reached 134 back in 1913. Los Angeles' two valleys got into triple digits today, and Palm Springs broke a record high by 5 degrees.

I don't give a good goddamn about the climate.
The chem-trails that plagued the skies with toxic particulate matter (barium, aluminum, red blood cells, etc.) has suddenly stopped, perhaps to humiliate pro-pollution and pro-climate deterioration Pres. Trump, who thinks there's nothing to worry about even though co-opted scientists and corporations have already planned for a mass money-making venture selling pollution/carbon credits and all but ignoring the real problem: methane from raising animals for slaughter. Cars are not the biggest problem, corporations are, but the consumer must be made to pay or the costs must be shifted onto the government, which is paid for by taxpayers rather than corporations. Trump signed an order to go ahead with the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that is sure to pollute a river even before that oil is converted into toxic atmosphere-polluting vapors.

Los Angeles may soon look like Phoenix, Arizona (shown here) as chemtrails stop (W).
California sees some of highest temperatures ever recorded amid heat waveThe records are set up, ready to fall like dominoes if forecasters’ predictions prove accurate for Southern California’s heat wave this weekend. On Friday, the National Weather Service expects heat records for July 7 in at least six parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties to fall. New records...
A heat wave settling over Southern California this week could break records from the coast to the mountains while the potential for thunderstorms may increase the risk of dry lightning sparking a fast-growing wildfire, the National Weather Service said Wednesday. The heat wave is expected to peak...
Scorching Southern California heat wave expected to peak TuesdayThe heat wave hitting Southern California this week is one for the record books. Temperatures topped 100 in the valleys and 120 in the low desert. Death Valley hit 127 -- seven degrees shy of the hottest temperature ever recorded on the planet. The National Weather Service said temperatures in some...
Badwater Basin, Death Valley, Southern California (photographersnature/wiki)

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