Friday, March 29, 2019

Lies we're taught about Washington DC

ReallyGraceful; Liz Ohanesian (laist); AP; Pfc. Sandoval, S. Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
(ReallyGraceful) What we weren't taught about Washington, D.C. with clips from "Empire of the City: Ring of Power" documentary.

How destruction of LA's original Chinatown led to the one today
LA Chinatown 1930 (Lillian Louie Collection)
Stroll through Chinatown, and if you're not trapped in line at Howlin' Rays or munching on a slice of Phoenix Bakery's famous strawberry cake, you can discover local history through small signs on buildings and historical markers that dot the sidewalks. Today, the area faces more change, thanks to a new wave of gentrification. Nouveau foodie joints attract young crowds while old school restaurants still draw regulars. Developers erect high-end apartment buildings but some seniors halted a proposed rent increase. Born out of necessity for a community displaced by racism and civic development, the neighborhood has endured for more than 80 years — but the Chinatown we know today isn't Los Angeles's first such enclave. More

Intervening in Venezuela, trouble in Ukraine
Nicolas Maduro
Venezuela is anti-imperialism and will not succumb to U.S. meddling and oil stealing.

Nicolas Maduro
CIA/US imperialists are bent on interfering and destabilizing Pres. Maduro in Venezuela
More blackouts hit Venezuela as opposition, government ra
Ukraine: fascist pro-Russian police clash with far-right protesters

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