Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Saluting the Swastika: racist US? (video)

White high school students are under fire for giving the notorious Hitler salute while posing with a beer cup swastika. In viral photos, a dozen teenagers make the banned gesture around the cups during a drinking game at a house party in Orange County.
Orange County loves Trump as US leader.
(FOX 8 News Cleveland/AP) COSTA MESA, Orange County - A California school district is investigating a social media photograph in which young [white students] are seen giving Hitler salutes while standing around a table on which [the cobbled together] red cups [to] form a [Nazi] swastika.

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District was made aware Sunday of social media postings “involving some students who created inappropriate anti-Semitic symbols, and possible underage drinking,” the district said Monday in a statement.

Rich white high school kids of OC
“While these actions did not occur on any school campus or school function, we condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and hate in all their forms,” the district said.

“We continue to gather information regarding the conduct of these students and work with law enforcement.”

School Board President Charlene Metoyer told The Orange County Register that several students were identified as attending [elite] Newport Harbor High School. More + VIDEO
Swastika was symbol of peace till Hitler stole it
Yoga and tantra, which derive from Vedic Hinduism, esteem the ancient symbol.
(Business Insider, May 18, 2017) Business Insider spoke with Tim Marshall, author of Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of Flags about how the swastika was a symbol of peace until German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Nazi (National Socialist) party changed its meaning.

Marshall said: "The swastika goes back a long way, certainly before it became this symbol of evil." "In the Chinese book of silk: you see comets and some of them are spinning in such a way that you actually get the swastika in the sky." "Ancient peoples would have seen this and it became a sign of something. In the Indian culture, it became a sign of good luck and hope."

Chinese Mahayana Buddha statue with swastika
[In both cultures it was a Vedic and Buddhist symbol of auspiciousness and the spiritual nobility (enlightenment) of the "noble ones" or Indo-Aryans. It was similarly admired as good luck by Native American peoples. They likely got the ancient symbol from Asia when Buddhist missionaries arrived centuries before Christianity got to the "New World" with genocidal European colonialist invaders (Edward Payson Vining, 1885).]

"The Nazis then turned it around. They physically reversed the swastika. Then it became a symbol of evil." "That's really problematic because in our culture it's evil but you see it over in Asia and, of course, it's not." "Should it be banned here? That's contextual. Obviously, it shouldn't be banned in a particular sort of temple. You might want to ban it at a political rally."

"What happened under the swastika will become ancient history. Only at the point will it fade and its original meaning might rise." "In the context of the swastika and the flag, in the European context, we are decades, centuries away from it being shown without that connotation." "In other parts of the world, it remains what it was: a peaceful symbol." More

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