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What happens when we die? (video)

Age of Truth TV, Jan. 22, 2019; Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Tibetan thangka art: tealms of rebirth called samsara in Buddhist cosmology

"What happens when we die?" is the question. David Icke, Linda Moulton Howe (, Jordan Maxwell, Dr. Rauni Kilde, John Lear (, Kerry Cassidy, Max Igan, and scientist Ulf Dahlström all answer.

THE "MYSTERY OF DEATH: Heaven or Illusion and Reincarnation Soul Trap?"
Where does the human soul [or because there is, in an ultimate sense, NO SOUL OR SELF but rather a dynamic process-of-consciousness taken for an enduring "self," as the Buddha explained in detail] go when it leaves the body at death?

This is one of the greatest mysteries of life, perhaps the greatest. Every religion has its own outlook and philosophy on what happens when we die. Do we really go to "heaven," and is "heaven" a real place?
Reincarnation [as there is nothing be incarnated again, it is better to say rebirth for the coming together again of the constituent factors taken as "self" and "soul" in a normal and conventional way of speaking] of the "soul" appears to be the most dominant consensus between a lot of the world's top researchers who acknowledge that human beings have a "soul" [an afterlife, a future, a re-arising in some state of existence or other], and that it is consciousness separated beyond the body, the mind, and the five senses.

If reincarnation rebirth of human souls is the truth, could it then be a trap? [Yes, and in Buddhism this trap is called the Cycle of Life and Death or samsara (literally, the "continued wandering on" through countless lives)]. Is it a soul trap/Matrix to recycle the human soul in order for all soul-beings to stay trapped and enslaved on Planet Earth [not just to earth but to all 31 Planes of Existence]?

Is the Great White Light, also known in religious terms as heaven, a constructed soul-harvesting karma-wheel factory created by malevolent interdimensional beings, which is mentioned in many different holy scriptures during  the ages and in the Gnostic writings? [No.] If so, what can we do when the soul leaves the body [when mind and body are separated]?

IF everything we know and have been told about "death" has been a lie then confronting this major and very complex topic will test our view of everything. What is possible, particularly the expansion of consciousness and perception, will have to be reassessed.

AGE OF TRUTH TV presents this eye-opening, controversial, informative, mind-bending, and enlightening 2019 New Year's Special with a prominent line-up of fascinating and legendary speakers in the field of paranormal and conspiracy research.

They are all very different individuals, but they have one thing in common. They are all on a "Truth Mission" and have devoted their lives and careers to putting out alternative and controversial information about this world and the worlds beyond the known universe.

Age of Truth TV Presenter Lucas Alexander has been interviewing interesting speakers over the years. To several of them he presented the question: "What happens to us when we die?"

This video contains portions of previous Age of Truth TV interviews. Watch all of the interviews with these speakers in their entirety and in their original context via AOT's channel. This show was produced and compiled on location in Budapest, Hungary on January 9, 2019.

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