Tuesday, March 12, 2019

An Irish Celebration, L.A. (March 17-18)

ParsonsNose.org, Pasadena, LA County; Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Parson’s Nose performs condensed classic adaptations that present the language, characters, plot and spirit of the world’s greatest writers in a fun and humorous way! Our adaptations run approximately 80 minutes on average, and focus on the central story and themes within the play. We believe the classics are accessible to everyone and the same themes of family, money, society, and power still ring true in today’s society. Think you won’t understand Shakespeare or be entertained by Shaw? We want to prove you wrong! Parson’s Nose focuses on the comedic plays of the greats and presents them in a simple yet sophisticated comic style. We believe that the writing and story are what the audience should focus on – simple set pieces and props are enough to bring you along on the ride created by some of the greatest writers who’ve ever lived. Give us the chance to steal you away for an hour and bring you into the fantastic worlds of Shakespeare, Moliere, Shaw, Belasco, Goldsmith and many more! 

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