Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Acts of the Unspeakable: shaming (comedy)

John Oliver (HBO); KFI (iheart.com); AP.org; Wisdom Quarterly
Just look at all these complaint letters asking us to publicly condemn these [blanks].

Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
(March 17, 2019) John Oliver talks about the Internet power of public shaming, good and bad. For more almost news as it almost happens: youtube, facebook, follow for news about jokes and jokes about news at twitter, hbo.com/lastweektonight.
Let's look more closely at this creep man.
(John & Ken Show) A [Jewish] Rhode Island man fainted after hearing his sentence of 260 years behind bars. However, [the judge feels] it is exactly what he deserved.

Thomas Goodman, 45, is accused was convicted of molesting several 6-year-old victims for six years. He also filmed himself sexually abusing an infant girl starting when she was just 3 weeks old until she was 18 months, according to the New York Post. Goodman even posted some of the disturbing footage online.

Goodman stayed passed out on the table for a few minutes until he awoke to the judge explaining the reasoning for the high sentence that will ensure the sick pedophile will never abuse a child again.

His sentencing was 160 years more than prosecutors had initially sought. Thirty years each for eight counts of sexually exploiting children and 20 years for one count of possessing sadistic and masochistic child pornography, all to be served consecutively, the Providence Journal reports.

Richmond Rosies (SFV Valley, KPFK)
Prosecutor Lee Vilker noted that Goodman had left his now 16-year-old victims “permanently scarred.”

“The level of depravity is beyond comprehension,’’ Judge John McConnell said during Friday's sentencing.

Goodman was finally caught when his bosses at Electric Boat, a submarine manufacturer, took his cellphone away for using it at work and discovered the horrific images on it. More

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