Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free group meditation retreats (Goenka)

These are the highlights of the latest vipassana (insight meditation) events, news, and service opportunities in California for the new year. Worldwide free retreat information is available at Dhamma.org.

  • Northern California One-Day Courses
    South Bay: January 1st and Saturday, Jan. 21
    San Francisco: Sunday Jan. 15, Sunday Feb. 19
  • Southern California One-Day Courses
    Baldwin Park: Saturday, Jan. 7
    San Diego: Saturday, Jan. 14
    Santa Monica: Saturday, Jan. 21
    Long Beach: Sunday, Jan. 29
  • NCVC trust retreat: Jan. 6-8
  • Inaugural 30-Day Course at Dhamma Mahavana (North Fork)
    March 15 - April 15, for old students who meet the criteria: here
  • Children’s and Teenager’s Meditation Courses at Dhamma Mahavana (North Fork)
    Children’s Course: Jan. 14-15, ages 8-12
    Teenager’s Course: Feb. 18-19, ages 13-17
  • Service Period at Dhamma Mahavana (North Fork)
    January 9-13, apply to serve: here
  • Service Period at Dhamma Vaddhana (Twentynine Palms)
    Feb. 6-14, apply to serve: here
  • Special Outreach Service Opportunity
    In March of 2012, we will be organizing five public talks to be given by author and vipassana teacher, Paul Fleischman in the San Francisco Bay Area. For details on the event and how to help, see: here

Mrs. and Mr. S.N. Goenka

One-Day Courses
One-day courses are for old students who have completed a 10-day vipassana course as taught by S.N. Goenka. No registration for the course is necessary. Please bring a cushion and non-perishable vegetarian lunch. You are welcome to come for all or part of the course. Please register on the day of the course when you arrive. There is no pre-course registration.

  • One-day courses in Northern California: here
  • One-day courses at the South Bay Vipassana Hall: here
  • One-day courses in Southern California: here

The Schedule

Arizona () and California ()

Interested in a 10-day vipassana retreat? JohnPositive@live.com of VipassanaNewWorld.org and Nikki share the 10-day course schedule popularized by hundreds of Goenka and IMC (Sayagyi U Ba Khin) centers around the world. Vipassana and its in-and-out breathing technique work wonders to open awareness. They purify the mind/heart and bring up our joy. It takes dedication and persistence rather than struggle and force, but soon one sees results.

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