Monday, January 23, 2012

The pre-Indian "Aryans" (documentary)


Aryan empires and invasions, and the origin of the swastika 卐, are much older than the very ancient pre-Indian Indus Valley Civilization, who spoke Sanskrit and composed the Vedas (Books of Knowledge), sacred texts still revered in Hinduism.

AR means sun, fire, flame, or light. The ancient ARyans, however, did not originate in ancient India nor did their solar cross symbol the swastika. These aliens pre-date the Sanskrit language, the root of the Indo-European (Indo-Aryan) language tree.

The Indo-Europeans are believed to have originated on or near the Armenian Plateau in post-flood Mount Ararat in the Caucasus Mountains, which are technically part of the Himalayan range.

Those ancient people, hybrid-humans with extraterrestrial rulers from space (the sky, the heavens) migrated throughout Western and Central Asia then onto Europe. These giant humanoid aliens figure in many origin myths -- from China, who say they were pyramid-building, Caucasoid space brothers referred to in legend as the Sun Gods, to Mesoamerica, where the Maya spoke of Kukulcan (Aztec, Quetzalcoatl) and the expectation that Nordic Alien titans would return from space to guide them).

These beings should not be confused with racist white humans claiming a divine rite of rule or neo-Nazi white supremacy. That lives on in America, which like a handful of other nations imported many scientists from Nazi Germany to carry on their military research and imperial agenda.

What the aliens have told all rulers was that by breeding with them, they were being endowed with the right to conquer and rule, leading to the creation of empire after empire in the world's history.

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Isn't funny the AR is the backwards of RA?