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What US veterans get for War (audio)

Dr. Doug Rokke, Joyce Riley, George Noory interview (Coast to Coast, Jan. 10, 2012)

Mysteries and Syndromes

Dr. Rokke created a US Army Depleted Uranium (DU) Training film. But the US Dept. of War (DoD) suppressed the video because of the severity of consequences stemming from the use of radioactive DU.

Weapons using DU include cruise missiles, cluster bombs, bunker busters, tank and aircraft rounds, according to Dr. Rokke. Soldiers' symptoms due to exposure while using them on civilians and people trying to defend themselves against invasion, rape, and humiliation include:

  • skin rashes
  • chronic fatigue
  • mood swings
  • memory loss
  • immune dysfunction
  • abdominal pain
  • blurred vision
Dr. Rokke detailed the fallout adding that war zones have become thoroughly contaminated. But that is only one weapon of mass destruction used by the United States' military-industrial complex.

In addition to DU, experimental vaccines, battle fatigue, moral corruption, and toxic environments all contribute to an alarming level of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). These are the physical and psychological illnesses suffered by vets, nurse Joyce Riley reported.

The VA (Veterans Administration responsible for the tremendous health care costs of soldiers returning from tours and war crimes abroad) fields an astonishing 450 SUICIDE calls a day.

Out of 600,000 troops who served in Desert Storm, over 300,000 have serious medical problems, Riley cited.

Regarding such cases she added, "These are people who had something happen to their brains, their bodies; they come back. and then they are kicked to the side of the curb, and told 'Gee, we don't see anything wrong with you,' and then they're out of the military," she lamented.

In addition to inordinately high suicide rates, vets suffering from PTSD have killed innocent family members, wives and children as well as abusing and burdening society. But after doing so, they report that they committed these crimes while they were "in a fog."

They have no memory of committing murders, Riley noted. And due to alcoholism, drug abuse, guilt, rage, and brain damage, they are not usually aware of how their work as police officers is affected. Nor are they aware how they impact their families, spouses, neighbors, and strangers.

The VA often puts PTSD sufferers antipsychotic or SSRI drugs that, according to nurse Riley, end up accelerating their levels of aggression and problematic behaviors. (See documentation).

Furthermore, according to Senate Report 103-97, "During the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of our military have been experimented upon without their knowledge or consent," nurse Riley points out.

War with no end in sight thanks to Israel, Iran, and banks

Karma: A Devastating Commentary
Wisdom Quarterly
Thank you for your "service," troops. No one thought they would kill, steal, rape, lie, become intoxicated, desecrate, and expand the MIC empire without results and consequences, right?

Yet this is NOT the fruition of karma (deeds). It may be the beginning of the mental-resultants (vipaka).

But karma have yet to mature and bring their fruits (phala). This is simply betrayal by the officials and organizations that tricks, recruits, and trains soldiers. Imagine that.Link

Karma does have a result, but this is not it. Karma is far more complex than getting hurt by the very weapons and tactics used to hurt others.

It is not the Pentagon, CIA, PsyOps, NSA, NSC, private contractors like Xe, Halliburton, KBR, and countless other war profiteers alone to blame. We are also to blame as the doers:

When we surrender our freewill to the vicious who train us -- and encourage us to

-- there is much to come as we reap what we sow by experiencing the karmic results. Those results come opportunistically, usually after a long time, when we are no longer strong or ready for them.

But there is hope. There is time. Human life is precious, and as long as one is holding on, something good can be done. War criminals are not doomed.

What will one choose now -- guilt or peace activism, alcohol or studying how war works, rationalization or meditation? The future is not written. And everything one does NOW matters. Karma is not condemnation; it is intentional action: what we will, perform, and accumulate.

How do I know if my actions are "bad" karma? It can be known eventually by the bitterness and unbearability of the results OR known ahead of time by the intention or inner-motivation: Actions rooted in greed, hate/fear, or delusion are harmful with harmful results.

"But I was only following orders!" That explanation did not save NAZIs during the Nuremberg trials, so it is not clear why people use it to justify their crimes. Were they lawful or unlawful orders? It does not matter. Anyone encouraging another to kill, torture, steal, rape, speak falsely or harmfully, or take intoxicants that lead to these acts is also guilty of them. Also. Not instead of.

Anyone planting the seeds of harm reaps them later, whether they were ordered to plant them or not. Vicious commanders and those who follow their orders will BOTH experience the results.

So long as they are human, with access to teachings on the workings of karma (which is not a teaching exclusive to Buddhism), much good can be accumulated. In this way one will have a larger store of merit (karma that yields profitable results) to counteract the unprofitable.

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