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Ancient Aliens and the Third Reich (video)

Chinese pyramids, ETs, NAZIs, ancient Indian texts and technology, genies (jinn), Bible stories, ancient nuclear blast sites, Vril psychics, extraterrestrial communication -- the truth is harder to believe than rationalizations and comforting disinformation. Let us go in search of the discomfiting truth that affects us now.

Many of the difficult topics covered by Wisdom Quarterly are hard to see as tying together. But here is one documentary that ties most of them together in under 45 minutes.
  • What does Buddhism have to do with celestial aliens (akasha devas and asuras), supernatural-modern technology, the real history of Earth, psychic powers and secret societies (such as The Vril Society), NAZIs, Aryans, Hitler, the Third Reich, America's MIC (Military-Industrial Complex), giants (titans), cryptids and extraterrestrials, Afghanistan, the Chinese, Tibet, Angkor Wat, mythology, or spiritual figures and the religions they founded (Jesus in India, Zoroaster the Asura, Mithra, the heavenly [space] beings who talked to Mohammed, Sakka/Indra, Thor and Nordic gods, Greek and Roman pantheons, Pagans and pre-Christian practices), and the wealth of human history contained in the Tripitaka, Vedas, Sumerian texts, and Egyptian works? It is enmeshed in human history and prehistory (from the time of former buddhas named by the Buddha).
Hitler's motivation was linked not to the belief that whites or Europeans were better. He and Goebbels, Hess, Rosenberg, and Himmler stood on the conviction that alien Aryans were once world rulers who had reigned supreme over, genetically modified, and mated with our line of humans. NAZIs wanted to perpetuate this. And under a different name, they still do.

Mohenjo-Daro was an Indus Valley super civilization rivaling Egypt, once part of India, now annexed in the recent formation of Pakistan. Together with Harrapa, nuclear power, spacecraft (as recorded in the Vimana Shastra), and communication with extraterrestrials were common.

Whether this was propaganda -- with a version of ancient Buddhism appropriated from the Theosophists such as Blavatsky and Olcott -- or our misreading of history, we are being lied to about it. The NAZIs are not long gone and done with. "Iran" is what Aryan means and, indeed, the now defunct Persian empire was very powerful.
A literal red-haired giant named Zoroaster (Zarathustra) -- who founded a religion called Zoroastrianism linked to the proto-Christian Mithraism of the Roman empire -- came out of it and was not friendly to the Buddhism spreading throughout Central Asia along the Silk Route through Afghanistan and other outposts.

() Michael Wood travels throughout the subcontinent, tracing the richness and diversity of its peoples, cultures, and landscapes. Through ancient manuscripts and oral tales he charts the first human migrations out of Africa: from the tropical backwaters of South India through lost ancient cities in modern Pakistan (formerly India) to the vibrant landscapes of the Ganges river plains. In Turkmenistan dramatic archaeological discoveries cast new light on India's past. In Turkmenistan, there they find a civilization named "Zorashtrian," and there they also find horse drawn carts or chariots called Raths mentioned in the Rig Veda. He even attempts to re-create the nectar of the gods Soma.

Zoroaster's God was Ahura Mazda, apparently an asura in Buddhist terms. Buddhists were on the side of "angels" (devas), not asuras. Those on the side of asuras eventually pushed Buddhism out of Central Asia, which became Muslim.

The ancient Indians, inheritors of the much older Indus River Valley Civilization (Mohenjo-Daro and Harrapa) with its Vedas (and frank discussions of aliens and UFOs, known as asuras, devas and vimanas).

What we so fear about Hitler, the NAZIs, the Vril, and the Third Reich was not lost. It was taken over by the US and its military-industrial complex that keeps all of this secret and verboten in mainstream science no matter what history, testimonies, or modern finds reveal.

Who were the pre-European Aryans?


Iran is famous for the ancient Aryan religion based on the fabled figure Zoroaster. "Iran" roughly means "Land of the Aryans." It was located next door to ancient Sumer, and just east of it was ancient India and its predecessor the Indus River Valley Civilization.

What many do NOT realize is that the giant Zoroaster's followers were in Asia BEFORE migrating to what we now call the geopolitical Middle East in the region of modern Iran. The Rig Vedas mention fair skinned, red haired deities.

There are hundreds of European Tocharian mummies found around Asia's famed Silk Road. Here we find clear evidence of the Aryan Zoroaster's followers making their way from ancient India down into what we presently call Iran (ancient Persia).

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