Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meet the new God, same as the old God(s)

Dharmacharis Seven and Ashley Wells, Amber Dorrian, Wisdom Quarterly
(Discovery Channel, Civilization) Greeks, Gods, and the Mysteries of the Oracle at Delphi

There is nothing new under the Sun with Christianity. It is an amalgamation of Greek mythology, Paganism, and the Wisdom the East (Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedic Brahmanism, and Tibetan Bon/Tantra), Near East (Sumerian lore, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism), and Egyptian lore.

The Bible is replete with gods. They speak of themselves as plural, and they are spoken to and spoken of as plural. It is just the same as the Greeks and Romans and Norse viewed it, and these empires simply seemed to be following the ancient Indians and Persians.

"Immortals" is a modern retelling of a shared ancient myth of Oracles.

Over and over, the story is the same. It barely scrambles the names of these "gods" (space beings, titans, devas, genies, reptoids, rakshasas, avian hybrids). And rather than coming to unite the people of Earth, they seem bent on conquest, war, and world domination. It is not clear who is winning, but the red haired, six digit giants seem to have ruled much of the time from Mesoamerica to Mesopotamia and the Khmer, Egyptian, and Sumerian empires.

What are sometimes called American Indians, the indigenous or native people imperial European armies came to America to enslave and rob, included red haired giants. These seem to be the hybrid human children of titans (asuras). They are everywhere in the Old Testament, native legends, and Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain cosmologies. They are specifically named titans by the Greeks.

It could not be clearer. But so long as we call it all "myth," lore, and fables, we ignore the strange correspondence between cultures we believe knew nothing of one another.

Oracle (

The Oracles
Best of all and strangest of all were the female shamans. Most shamans and "medicine men" in history have been female. But his-story and rampant sexism makes them male; it makes every agent masculine by default. In ancient Greece, the Oracle(s) at Delphi were temple priestesses, psychics, sensitives, who served as mediums.

This goes on in nearly all governments. Even America took advice from astrologers, prophetesses, and psychics according to a frank admission by Ronald Reagan's wife, first lady Nancy Reagen. The NAZIs were no different. We know these kinds of girls (devis) exist because we meet them all the time.

The Third Reich's "oracles" were the Austrian psychic women of the Vril Society, particularly Mary Orsich (Orisc). Their story gives an entirely different understanding of world affairs. The mind has to dismiss it as myth or NAZI propaganda because we have been lied to so long that it is impossible to countenance these ideas... until scientists, the "priests" of our age, give the green light.

() Russian with subtitles exploring the German Vril mediums from Austria Maria Orsich, Sigrun, Gudrun, Traute, Leona, and Heike from Ahnenerbe who helped the NAZIs on behalf of the Nordic goddess (devi) Freyja who wanted to advance humankind, according to Steve Prellwitz ( MORE

Time travel? Deep space travel? Teleportation? Life on other planets? Hah, o wait, science says it is theoretically possible. And everyday it comes closer to admitting it is more than possible. Above top secrets elements of the government/military-industrial complex already know it is true.

And having built machines we know nothing of, they have known it to be true since at least the time of the Vedas (see in particular the Vimana Shastra) and Bible descriptions of spacecraft (heavenly chariots) and beings (gandharvas or messengers for the devas and asuras) we feel more comfortable imagining to be fairies, ghosts, and spirits in cloudy heavens rather than flesh and blood advanced civilizations with superhuman abilities and lifespans.

It is probably best to mention these absurdities now while the Internet still exists and anyone can check and verify them. Soon they will be plunged back into obscurity and mythology with the advent of SOPA, PIPA, and the NDAA.

Since the truth sets people free, any time our freedoms get us too close to the truth, those freedoms must be curtailed. Disclosure or disillusion as we fall back to our hypnotic sleep now more easily induced by all these EMF screens?

Readers may laugh and ask, What has this to do with the Buddha's message? The Buddha talked about these things in everyday, matter of fact language. Neither they nor the gods nor heavenly existences have much to do with insight into the true nature of things and waking up.

Enlightenment is independent of religiosity. Religion is dependent on space travelers and unseen beings (earthlings as well as extraterrestrial). But that is no reason to ignore the social reality (and exopolitics) of not only the Buddha's India but our modern culture as well. Why would we shy away from either truth, social or spiritual? Wisdom pertains to both.

What is so special about dagabas/die glockes, white Buddhist stupas (such as the
famous ones in Borobur, Indonesia) and Black NAZI Bells from WW II Germany?

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