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What the "Ancient Aliens" left behind (video)

() Ancient Aliens, Season 3,Episode 3 (S.3, Ep. 1, S. 2, Ep. 2)

Dwarka (Dvarka, Dwaraka, Dvaraka) is a city in Gujarat, India). Known as Dwarawati in Sanskrit, it is rated as one of the seven most ancient cities in the country. The legendary place was the dwelling place of the blue extraterrestrial Krishna.

It is believed that due to damage and destruction by the sea, Dwarka was submerged six times. The modern day Dwarka is the seventh such city to be built in the area. According to Vedic and Hindu legend, Krishna built a city that was ultimately destroyed by rising sea levels.

Now archeologists and Indian Navy divers are investigating underwater ruins on India's west coast that are said to be Krishna's city. The new efforts will settle the debate currently raging over the age and authenticity of the site near Samudranaraya Temple.

() Graham Hancock's "Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age"

Divers have collected blocks and samples to be dated. Traditional Hindu scholars referencing ancient Vedic scriptures believe the location to be very ancient, originally built many thousands of years ago. Such notions are, of course, vehemently rejected by establishment scientists. But they are willing to concede that there is evidence indicating an age of as much as 3,500 years.

Of course the date the city was destroyed would be long after its inception, so a definitive maximum date has not been established. A new study is expected to resolve the issue.

Archaeologists will use carbon dating to determine the exact age of the ruins. The earlier excavations, which first began 40 years ago, only revealed stones, beads, glass, and terracotta.

Turkey's Gobekli Tepe is also 12,000 years old. But advanced civilizations
on Earth are millions of years old within forbidden archeology.

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