Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's a little pee between enemies? (video)

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American soldiers committing war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq while carrying on covert strikes in Iran? There are only 194 countries in the world. Yet, we (the US-MIC) have more than 1,077 military bases abroad. That means, from the point of view of soldiers, the whole planet is a urinal. And that includes the United States.
Police and Sheriff's deputies, all of them trained in military tactics and many of them veterans, beat women on buses, torture helpless girls in detention, cause catastrophic injuries to disobedient girls at malls... all with impunity. Having special needs or being particularly helpless does not spare one, nor does innocence. Sometimes it's just easier and more fun to Taser someone who is complying.

Pee on corpses? I'd pee on the living, and that's not all I'd do to them.
Paramilitary troops like SWAT, the Green Berets of local departments, and spies all operate on US soil using the same military means as soldiers use on foreigners in foreign lands we take over to grow an empire.

These include automatic and semi-automatic and high caliber weapons, armored vehicles, crowd suppression technology, slightly less lethal armaments, canons, and tactics Syria's Bashir Assad would be proud of.

Turning Afghanistan into a private military base

Americans are the invaders. But it is really the multinational globalists of the MIC, military-industrial complex, that uses the CIA and Pentagon rather than the American government we see and imagine making these decisions in Washington, DC with Israel.

Others are merely defending their families, territories, religions, freedoms, and resources like oil, minerals, and whatever our corporations are out to raid in the name of free trade and exploitation.

Urinating? War crimes? We are on the wrong side of terror.

We illegally kill with our world-class weaponry... and we rape, molest, homosexually sodomize, massacre, destroy, poison, corrupt, and humiliate combatants as well as civilians.

So what's a little pee, or torture, or indefinite detention?

Focusing on the symbolic distracts us from the incomprehensible cruelty, the banality of evil, dehumanization, and illegality of our US/MIC wars for empire. As if illegal wars, invasions, drone attacks, and occupations were not bad enough, let's let our soldiers commit war crimes, too.

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