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Life after Life: The Scientific Study of Rebirth

Dr. Walter Semkiw, IISIS; Coast to Coast (Jan. 25, 2012) with interviewer George Noory
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Buddhism came up on Coast to Coast radio. Dr. Walter Semkiw, MD is deeply involved in the scientific study of rebirth (calling it "reincarnation") and past lives following the pioneering work of Prof. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia School of Medicine via

IISIS is a nonprofit dedicated to reincarnation research and the dissemination of the work of Dr. Stevenson, MD.

Return of the Revolutionaries (

Dr. Stevenson spent 40 years traveling around the world, documenting children with spontaneous memories of previous lives. One of his case studies involved a girl named Uttara Huddar from central India, whose past life personality was a woman named Sharada. At times Sharada would take over Uttara's consciousness and speak a different language Uttara could not speak.

The phenomenon of speaking an unknown language is called xenoglossy. It was present in a number of Dr. Stevenson's cases, according to Dr. Semkiw, who falls back on his Buddhist understanding to make sense of the cases he investigates.

Another of Dr. Stevenson's intriguing findings was that if someone had a stab or bullet wound in a previous life, they might have an inexplicable scar or birthmark in the exact same spot at (re)birth.

Dr. Semkiw describes the fascinating case of a skeptical police captain named Robert Snow. He underwent a past life regression on a dare and uncovered startling memories of being a portrait painter in the 19th century. By coincidence, he ran across one of his past life paintings of a hunchback woman at an art gallery in New Orleans by the artist Carroll Beckwith.

Following forty years of scientific investigation by Dr. Stevenson, Dr. Semkiw has spent nearly a decade working with a spiritual entity channeled by Kevin Ryerson named Atun-Re, an ancient Egyptian priest.

Atun-Re confirms various reincarnation matches to him. These include: David Rittenhouse as Carl Sagan, Charles Thomson as Ralph Nader, Rev. William Walter as Neale Donald Walsch, and Laurel & Hardy as the Bacher Brothers.

Dr. Semkiw contends that in many cases of human reincarnation, the two parties share a strong resemblance in their facial features, personality, tendencies, and talents. According to Atun-Re, "The soul [the entity spoken of over numerous lives] projects an energy template or hologram into the developing body and...the physical body shapes around it."

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