Thursday, January 19, 2012

Police violence inspires teens (video)

Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
WARNING: The most violent viral American hate crime since suburban lynchings

Racist group violence -- it is an American specialty. But teens helped by a 15-year-old girl beating a foreigner in the commission of robbery while filming it give this crime a twist. If they had raped him as well, it would have matched what Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies (allegedly) do to inmates at the LA County Jail facility in downtown every day of the week.

This story is special because one of the ringleaders is 17-year-old Raymond Palomino (seen here), who is being charged as an adult. He is the son of 30-year Cook County Sheriff's veteran Michael Palomino, who can not believe his baby is being charged with felony aggravated battery and robbery. (Maybe as a deputy he was expecting his son to get off with a wink and a nod from the judge so he could take him home and beat him himself for getting caught?) What kind of parental police brutality in the home created this desensitized criminal teen?

Now, amazingly, a lawsuit against LA police guards is trying to put a stop to it. And the FBI is on the right side of the law opposing the deputies, when it so frequently involves itself illegally in foreign affairs such as the invasion of Iraq. (By law the FBI is not allowed to participate in foreign affairs).
The military-industrial complex conditions young men and women to put away their humanity and be as vicious as possible. Police are regularly videotaped beating, torturing, and killing suspects and innocent individuals alike. YouTube is full of examples, as is Wisdom Quarterly.

There are even reports of deputies homosexually raping or sodomizing male inmates. No one seems to mind that crime under color of law is far more serious than even the aggravated mayhem displayed by this group of teens.
State-sanctioned crime (illegal invasions, occupations, urination, incarceration, water boarding and other forms of torture during interrogation as well as gleeful implementation of the death penalty) influences and inspires American children.

These kids, all of them under 18, must have been desensitized by what they see police do (or what they have suffered at the hands of police). Police are routinely recruited from the military, pressuring veterans to conceal their PTSD, brain damage, and emotional problems over having engaged in and gotten away with crimes against humanity.

Recently, a mass murderer began a serial killing spree of homeless individuals he targeted, one after seeing on the news. He is a war veteran who does not seem to know why he did what he did. His only explanation so far was that he had recently heard that someone from his old platoon had been killed in combat by someone defending against a barbaric invasion, occupation, and daily humiliation.
"We will not stand for resistance or anything but complete submission" seems to be the message police, soldiers, and apparently Chicago teens are standing by.

US (MIC) tortures no matter what Dick Cheney or WH calls it.

The human world is NOT going to hell in a hand basket. It is much bigger than that. Humans are being inspired, influenced, and possessed to engage in conduct unbecoming of a human being (disregarding the Five Precepts, which is what makes us human). Who is inspiring us?

Conventionally speaking, it is the military-industrial complex with allies in the prison-industrial complex, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment (Hollywood).

The War Department with corporate backing (banking), private prison and mercenary companies (Xe, KBR, Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, etc.), Big Pharma (that does all it can to drug children and adults at levels seen nowhere else on the planet), and finally the entertainment/propaganda arm of the 1% apparatus. Who is pushing for this New World Order?

Ultimately speaking, it does not seem to be other humans. It seems to be surviving NAZIs, titans (asuras), "demons," ogres, reptilians, hybrids, malevolent spirits, and submissive humans (hypnotized, traumatized, drugged, and fed a steady stream of processed foods and EMF screen entrainment waves, and HAARP suggestions).

A dozen high school girls with mass hysteria?

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