Friday, January 27, 2012

Why is DMT illegal when Elite use it? (audio)

Wisdom Quarterly;
The third, inner, or "divine eye" (dibba cakkhu) is the pineal gland. MORE

Alex Jones ( exposes the DMT connection (communicating with the Clockwork Elves), which stretches the mind to the point of awe. What is the secret government (the ruling elite) doing and why? Rick Strassman's book DMT: The Spirit Molecule documents extensive research on Globalists injecting DMT. Almost all of his patients came back say they came into contact with other conscious entities in alternate dimensions or in far off space. Many described praying mantis type beings who would conduct experiments on them and communicate telepathically.

Are these negative entities completely real and guiding an elite Illuminati's agenda. This evidence ties in with Steve Quayle's concept of the "return of the nephilim" (those who came from above) and the reason the powers that be promote such maverick and expensive research as the Large Hadron Collider. Is the idea to open up this physical plane to negative ("demonic") entities? The rabbit hole is much deeper than most of us can begin to comprehend.

Yet most of us have never heard a word of it. Here is a fast introduction to the Bilderberg Group, Pentagon at the University of Texas, Phillip K. Dick, Terrence McKenna, Joe Rogan, Satanism, interdimensional alien contact like Tesla talked about receiving, asuras, nagas, screens, world government, New World Order, demons, space aliens, channels, mescaline elf, LSD, PCP, psychedelic mind expanding, the subconscious, David Icke, and more.


Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is a fraud and knows nothing about DMT. He says the elite take it and they put the ingredients 'out there' - DMT can be extracted from mimosa hostilis tree bark by following a very simple extraction method using products you can get from the hardware store.
Alex Jones knows nothing about DMT.
Alex jones commits argumentum in terrorem on every single radio broadcast - the man is there to distract people from the truth.

howard said...

dope is for dopes so a six year old can understand you are an idiot if you do dmt or psychedelics without an experienced shaman with you assclowns have no fucken idea what you are playingwith. you
over stimulation of the pineal gland by highly crystalized elements like dmt weaken your two chakras the crown and third eye chakra leaving you opened to all sorts of negative energy dmt fucvks you up bad i know several friends who have turned into complete idiotsd reptiles scared of everything greedy self centered vain and pathological liers