Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life on the Human Plane (video)

; Wisdom Quarterly
Surviving in the Stone Age, various species of hybrid "humans" (Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, Homo floresiensis, etc.) struggle forsaken by the "gods" (alien visitors) who genetically manipulated them in their image.

Life on the Human Plane is very misunderstood. Many of us take for granted that it means this -- the lives we currently live. It rarely means this. We live in a very privileged time that, for all its horrors and deprivations, has more information, more material sustenance, and more ease than at almost any time in history.
Of course, we are not at the apex, far from it. Past civilizations on Earth have been far more advanced, traveling the cosmos and living much longer lives. But with the cyclical decline of such periodic achievements, we fall into Ice Ages, decadence, war (started by the cunning few but supported by the fearful/hateful many), and famine.

Samsara (the "continued wandering on" through the Wheel of Life and Death) cycles through 31 very general planes of existence, only six of which normally are spoken of in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist art, which limits itself to the Sensual Sphere.

This series is an exploration of the revolutionary period of prehistory that began when humans abandoned a nomadic hunting and gathering existence they had known for millennia. In its place they took up a completely new way of life -- with advice from above (extraterrestrial and transdimensional visitors they depicted on cave drawings, massive stone monuments, and hieroglyphs).

Charlton Heston and Dr. Michael Cremo explore forbidden archeology

This decisive move to farming and herding, storing and rationing, and the establishing of permanent settlements plus the "discovery" of metals (information provided by the "others," whom we called "gods" for their advanced knowledge of our evolution and their own technological sophistication) set the stage for the arrival of the worlds first civilization.

Just as it has happened all around the world before, so it happens now. And it will happen again. As modern, educated, and rational actors, we scoff at the idea of "extraterrestrials," heavenly or traveling through space, which refer to the same place.

But if we view it in terms of a sophisticated metropolitan culture meeting a tribal jungle clan, we can begin to appreciate how it is that although we are the same, the more primitive might regard the more sophisticated as "gods."

Evolution? Creationism? Both are wrong, yet both have something important to say if we would set aside our biases and listen to the evidence. The "Human Plane" is not limited to Earth.

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